Frequently Asked Questions on Matrimony Script in PHP/MySql and ASP.NET

Matri4web provides Support and Maintenance Services for FREE up to one year from the date of your purchase via email. Issues Covered by Support

  What kind of experience you have. Can I trust your skills?

We have a VAST EXPERIENCE with our scripts. We have been improving our scripts over the years now. So, you can trust our technical skills. If you ever face any bug in the script, we will correct it for you free of cost. You do not have to wait for any patch to be released. Just notify us the problem and we will correct it as our highest priority. This can be offered only by an organization with full confidence on its script. We fully back our scripts and clients.

  Do you offer support?

Yes, we provide full support for our products. You can feel very sure about this. We always try to make sure that our client get the best out of our scripts. And if we get any opportunity to contribute to it, we consider it our pleasure.

   I like your scripts, but i need some changes to make it work perfectly for me. But i do not have the technical skills ?

We do offer support for design level changes in our script. You can even supply your own design and it can be integrated.
Any modifications to CODING is not possible. Since this is a readymade product, making changes to the PROGRAM code will not be possible.

  Suppose I purchase your script and some months down the line, based on my experience I require some more features added to my script, will you do this for me?

Yes, you can request new features and customizations any time in future. So, you do not need to pre-order all the customizations. You can buy our scripts, use them and based on your experience you can also request custom features. This way you can get best suited final product which will be unique in itself.

  Are your scripts encrypted ?

In the FRONTEND, the Database Structure, Registration FORM, Header design, Footer Design, TOPMENU, left menu, CSS, Homepage, etc are OPEN SOURCE. The Core files of the matrimony business logic will be encrypted along with our license files. On the BACKEND, the business logic files and license files will be encrypted.

  When do I get my order?

You will get the script within 24 hours of your payment. We try to process all orders ASAP so that our clients get the best buying experience. Actually, all orders placed on our web site are processed manually to avoid any credit card frauds etc. So, once approved, we send the scripts immediately.

  Do you provide scripts in other languages?

Our scripts come in English only. It doesnot include any language file or translation ability. We do not provide translation service.

  Is there any hosting that you can recommend?

Matri4Web doesn't have any uncommon server requirements, so currently we do not recommend some particular company. You should choose the one you prefer and contact their presale support so they can check our requirements list - HERE - and tell you if they are compatible or not.

  Do you offer installation services?

Matri4Web offers a professional installation service by a member of our staff.
In order to install our software on your site we will need the following information from you:
* Website Address
* FTP Server
* FTP Username
* FTP Password
* Access to create a database through your hosting account. Or a database already setup that we can use Once you purchase the installation and send this information we will upload the matrimony script, set the database connection, and verify everything is working order.
Check out the Procedure here

  Can I use Matri4Web on multiple domains / sites?

No, Matri4Web license can be used on one domain only. If you plan to run Matri4Web on multiple domains you will need separate licenses for each of them. Although we do not restrict the number of installations within the same domain. For example you can have Matri4web installed on, and using the same license.

  What are the latest developments on your product ?

Click Here to read about what our team is working on. Also we post frequent updates on our BLOG

  We found few other websites offering the same script for Low cost, Are they selling your product ?

NO reseller or 3rd party has been assigned for this product. Matri4Web are the Sole owners of the script. Any such instance of matri4web script being sold can be brought to our notice. (mailto :

  Where can I Purchase the Images of MODELS PICTURE to use in my matrimony site?

Your Stock Photo Search ends here

  Do you offer the Source CODE ?

The script is a package and you get a License to run it ona SINGLE WEBSITE/DOMAIN. The User/developer can modify the DESIGN part, provided they have good html expertise.

  Is this application, a clone of Shaadi or other popular matrimony sites ?

No, ours is a matrimony application that acts as a good enough tool to run your matrimony bureau. Popular matrimony websites have been in existence for years together and their application or website has grown by time. When you purchase our php matrimony script, you are making the right step / starting point to move forward and reach greater heights. As your Database grows, your website application grows by modules and finally you top the charts !

  Is the wedding directory/classifieds module, part of your package ?

Wedding Directory or Classifieds Module is an addon pack to our matrimony application. The Cost for the same will be provided seperately. Buyers have the choice of purchasing it.It can be plugged in to existing matrimony sites developed by us at extra cost. Write to :

  Where can I find the License Agreement ?

Please Click Here

  The New SMS Module is good. How much does it cost ?

For SMS Alerts to work, you will need to purchase a SMS Gateway and API through us. Click Here for features and pricing