Franchisee Module

Franchising your matrimony business is a proven route to rapid growth.
Still, many business owners dream of seeing their brand become a household name, with a network of franchisees from coast to coast or around the globe. When the right concept is franchised effectively, it can be a great expansion strategy that doesn't require as much up-front capital as growing through company-owned units.
Our ADDON module allows you to run franchisees or Agents for your Matrimony portal.
Franchisee Module / Agent Module Features :

Franchisee FRONTEND :

  • Homepage
  • Register
  • Login
    • View Total Credits
    • View Summary Details
  • Register Profile
  • Search Profile
  • Reports – All Members
    • Active Members
    • Paid Members
  • Datewise Reports
    • Paid Members
    • Viewed Contact
    • Change Password
    • My Profile

Franchisee BACKEND :

  • Login
  • Approve Inactive to Active
    • List of Active Franchisees
    • List of Suspended Franchisee
    • Datewise Credit Reports
    • Edit Membership Plan
    • Set Contacts Credits
    • Add Credits
    • Manage Franchisee Home Page