Upgrade policy

Matri4Web is constantly developed and elaborated. And we regularly release software upgrade that offer a range of improvements addressing everything from security and performance through to search engine optimization enhancements. Upgrade are thoroughly tested and quality controlled providing you with stable, tested performance enhancements that continually decrease your long-term total cost of ownership. Moreover, with upgrades you get new features delivered to your matrimony portal.
Major upgrades are released approximately annually with a number of minor enhancements offered throughout the year. We have a well established upgrade policy :

  • Upgrades are always optional
  • A small upgrade fee may apply for major releases (e.g. 9.x to 10.0). This is typically around 30% to 35% of the purchase price.
  • If you have customised the script @ your end, upgrades will be incompatible
  • You will need a Valid SUPPORT License for UPGRADE Eligibility

If you choose to upgrade your current version of Matri4Web to the newest installment, for example 10.04 to S-Plus, you have to pay for that upgrade.